Friday, November 11, 2005

...It's been a while since when I first blogged.
Anyway, I came back to my blog and hopefully want to keep blogging from now on.

Have you ever thought that lots of English-written stuff in Japan are so strange to English speakers?? Even though we think it's cool to wear English-printed t-shirts, what you wear possibly gives foreigners a strange impression.
The site collects weird but funny product designs whose English are wrong seen in Japan, and other Asian countries. The Collection is put on a wide range of products, such as clothing, candies, advertising and so on. Some are with quite a dirty humor; I especially got shocked when I saw the girl in a pic whose clothing says "I'M C*CK"... oh man...
But the website also make us realized how much we are surrounded by wrong Englsh (that would be why the title is wrongly spelled "Engrish"), and we unconciously think they are just cool. However, in reverse, you could also see the foreign people who's got a kanji tatoo on shoulder. I've seen those tatoos which say "poison" and "crystal" in kanji. They must be thinking kanji is cool. So we might be simply attracted by foreign 'unusal' cultures.

I recommend everyone to visit
If you find some English mistakes on signs, you should contribute a pic you shot to the site.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

The Majority Always Win?!

In class, we watched the shirt film titled "Balablok" today.
The video won Natinal Film Board of Canada, and
shows intolerance toward ethnical diversity.

Do we naturally (maybe uncosciously) tend to distinguish the different
ethnic groups? The answer to it would be "yes".
It is hard to have a different thought when in the majority; however,
here in Japan, people are especially educated to emphasize harmony,
cooperating with someone together.

Ethnical tolerance should be quite a important attitude toward diversity
and not be easily grown here (even though it is said that Japan is
currently turning to Multinational State..).